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An Artificially Intelligent Guide to Love (Afonica, BBC Radio 4)

Written using text generated by a machine-learning algorithm and starring Fiona Shaw as the algorithm. The algorithm's often absurdist and poetic texts frame and comment on the writer's own story of love and loss as a queer single parent.

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Love Thy Synth (Afonica, BBC Radio 3)

Features a woman taunted by a robot in her image, and voice. (Shortlisted, Best Series and Best Use of Sound, 2020 BBC Audio Drama Awards)

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Indigo Children (Sparklab Productions, BBC Radio 4)

Tells the story of a girl (Lizzy Clark) attempting to get her mother (Jaime Winstone) to accept that she is autistic (and not a child with magic powers). Directed by Jude Kelly. (Pick of the Week)

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The Beast (Afonica, BBC Radio 4)

Follows a young boy from Honduras as he travels through Mexico on freight trains known as 'La Bestia'. (Pick of the Week, finalist Best Use of Sound, Best Debut Performance, 2019 BBC Audio Drama Awards)

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The Music Lesson (Sparklab Productions, Radio 4)

A psychological thriller about a music teacher (Fiona Shaw) who traps her student (Erin Doherty) in a lesson. (Finalist Best Single Drama, 2018 BBC Audio Drama Awards)

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Solitary (Afonica, BBC Radio 3)

Tells the story of a woman in solitary confinement in a British prison. (Shortlisted, Best Single Drama, Christine Bottomley winner, Best Actress, 2018 BBC Audio Drama Awards)

Research conducted with support from

Women in Prison

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Jump Blue (Afonica, BBC Radio 3)

Tracks the Russian free diver, Natalia Molchanova's final dive. (special commendation, Best Single Drama 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards, Fiona Shaw shortlisted for best actress)

Jump Blue has been played in festivals including Oorzaken, Amsterdam, ATMOS, Australia, Radio Cinemas and South Africa. It was the basis for 'Black Inscription', a multimedia song cycle produced by Rabbit Rabbit Radio, premiered at Prototype festival, New York. VR rights have been optioned by Pernickity Split.

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Marathon Tales (Produced by David Hunter for BBC Radio 3)

Co-written with Colin Teeven. Winner: Tinniswood Award, 2014.

A drama interweaving stories about marathons and runners through history, such as the original marathon runner Pheidippides.

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Orlando (Nadia Molinari, BBC Radio 3)

Reimagined by Amanda Dalton, Caroline Bird, Zena Edwards, Hannah Silva & Karen McCarthy Woolf. (Finalist: Best Adaptation, 2020 BBC Audio Drama Awards)

Taster from Chapter Five by Silva, featuring Emma Frankland (Orlando) & Cesare Taurasi (Shelmerdine)